What is a Swamp Cooler Pad Job?

Do you recall a period when there was a lot of humidity? Your skin may have seemed softer and your hair may have curled, but you appear to have perspired more. When you sweat more, evaporative cooling occurs because your body utilizes the moisture in the air as heat. A similar idea underlies swamp coolers. In arid, warm regions swamp coolers are typical. The air is moistened in order for evaporative cooling to function. How does a method for cooling a swamp operate? You will better comprehend the operation of a swamp cooler after seeing these animations

A swamp cooler pad uses moisture to chill the air. By forcing heated outside air through wet evaporative cooler pad pads, the swamp cooler, sometimes referred to as an evaporative or air conditioner, cools the air. A blower motor then pushes the chilly air through the vent. A schematic of a swamp cooler’s key parts may be seen below.

How is an Evaporative Cooler Made?

Supply Valve for Water

This valve is located in your house next to the water heater hookup. This valve is connected to the swamp cooler via a copper line. The swamp cooler receives water via this valve. Without this valve, the swamp cooler will not function.


The evaporative cooler is housed in the swamp cooler’s bottom. When the water level reaches a certain level, the float will ascend to the top of the swamp cooler. This closes the valve that supplies water. If this float is not functional, the swamp cooler may cease operating or overflow.


The pump for your swamp cooler may be found near the bottom of the device. It hydrates the evaporative pad by pumping water via the water supply pipes.

Aeration Pads

Evaporative cooling pads are used to line the inside of the swamp cooler. They need to be moist in order for the swamp cooler to work effectively. The air must be cooled and purified.

Both A Blower and a Blower Motor

The blower is powered by the blower motor. Cool air is forced out of the house after being forced into it.

Why Would A Swamp Cooler Be Used?

The procedures of swamp cooler follow to chill your house are as follows:

A water supply valve enables water to enter the swamp cooler’s bottom.

The swamp cooler’s bottom will be filled with water thanks to the water supply valve. Up to a certain point, the water will keep flowing into the swamp cooler. The water supply valve shutting off is what causes this indicator.

Water Is Delivered By the Pump to the Evaporative Cooler Pads

The pump starts drawing water via the water distribution line as soon as there is enough water in the bottom of the evaporative cooler. These lines, which enable water to pass through them, are found near the top of the evaporative pad. If the air isn’t cooling enough, the homeowner may change the switch’s “pump” to add additional water to the evaporative pad.

Warm Air Is Drawn Through the Cooling Pads

As soon as the pads are wet, the blower motor begins bringing warm air into the swamp cooler. The wetness cools the heated air as it travels through the pads. Evaporative cooling is the term used for this. It functions similarly to how exercise does. When you perspire, a fan blows on your skin to cool it.