What Are Telecommunication Cabinets For?

In most cases, an area separate from the rest of the office is used for installing televisions, servers, and other electronic equipment. It is possible to store all communications in one cabinet. This makes it easier to repair or install them safely and securely.

The supporting structure can be either prefabricated or welded and made of steel or aluminum. All other components are attached. The welded frame has a stronger structure. The collapsible model’s vertical and horizontal guides are attached in a way that allows you to adjust their depth, thus facilitating installation/dismantling.

Depending upon the maximum power consumption of mobile or stationary cabinets, the type and location for the structure are determined.

  • wall-mounted;
  • outdoor;
  • Server room

Manufacturers continue improving modifications to all types of cabinets and expanding their product lines to meet a wider array of tasks. An enclosure of modern design should contain:

  • Protect against unauthorized access to telecommunications systems;

Additional equipment to protect against electromagnetic influences

  • The ability and willingness to work in difficult conditions

Good aesthetic design

Vandal-Proof Cabinet

Its primary purpose is to guard against hacking.

In the event of large loads, floor-standing cabinets that are reinforced can be used. The deadbolt lock is a key design feature in anti-vandal cabinets. No one can pick up the door, nor can it be cut off by any means.

The back wall isn’t removable so cable water can be accessed from below or above by using round holes. Perforated metal parts provide ventilation to cool the heat generated from computer and telecommunications systems. The wall-mounted anti-vandal boxes can be used to seal gas meters and electric devices.

Heated Enclosure

In certain places, when the climate does not permit the equipment to operate, the ovens may raise the ambient temperature. Heat activation can be easily controlled using thermostats.

The cabinet has an emergency automatic power-off function in the event of a temperature drop. This makes it possible to operate the cabinet using telecommunication equipment inside the building.

Server Cabinet 19

The most popular model has a well-thought-out design. It is possible to restrict access to certain systems and remove them from the network by using a telecom cabinet. If the object does not have a separate area, the cabinet can be substituted and placed in the corridor, next to the staircase.

An extensive range of accessories is available to help you distribute your cabling correctly, and increase the safety of your 19-inch crossover network equipment.

  • cable organizers;
  • Heaters to an All-Weather Cabinet
  • Support brackets
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • perforated shelves and fan modules
  • brush cable glands;
  • Plinths and staples
  • blocks and adapters of electrical outlets.

SelectLok offers an innovative solution. This allows you to easily access the rear connectors. The side walls are secured with pins with latches. The front door can also be hung from one side.

Not only are there significant savings in office space and ease of maintenance of servers, but also high-quality cooling and durability.