9 steps you should follow to have better Sex Life


If you’re the only one using the sex toy, it is important to establish a sexy environment. It’s about your emotional and psychological state that you can have the perfect orgasm. The clit sucker can stimulate the physical body, but you also need to stimulate the mind and soul.

It is worth the effort to set the right mood. Turn on some high-energy music. Light some scented candles and try aromatherapy. Try running a hot bubble tub with a fragrant bath balm. Get your favorite alcohol and make a cocktail. If you enjoy porn while masturbating, turn on your favorite videos. If you feel the need to pamper yourself, then you should read this collection of tips to help you orgasm with a clit sucker.

Once you have created your environment, sit back, unwind, and go to the store to retrieve your toys.



Also, a lifelike vibrator and cluts can spice up your sex experience. Foreplay can be a good way to help you get into the right mindset if your partner is using it. The foreplay could include anything: conversations, makeout sessions on a bed, watching some hot video together, or role-playing. Do whatever makes it feel comfortable and excites your fantasies.

It doesn’t matter what you do, foreplay can be anything: talking, making out, watching sexy videos together, or role-playing.



Be sure to take time to determine your erogenous spots, regardless of whether you’re riding alone or with someone. Clitoral vibrators are primarily meant to stimulate your clitoris. However, they can also stimulate other areas of the body such as your nipples (armpits), and inner thighs.

You can think of it as getting good oral sex. Do you prefer that your partner gets down to business right away or does it take a while for them to slow down? You should also apply the clitoral sucker to different parts of your body. The most common erogenous spots are the arms, neck, inner-thighs, and foot. Each person has a different set of erogenous points, so be sure to choose what is most comfortable for you.

A partner can also use this device for a little massage. Your partner can help you move the clitoral stimulator around your body. The gentle suction will run down your back and calves, legs, and feet. You can let it circle around pressure points throughout your body to relieve mental and physical stress.



After all the foreplay is over, the clit sucker can be used the way it was intended to be used: as a psychological stimulator. Start at the lowest setting for air pressure, and hold the sucker close to your neck. Ideally, the sucker should be held at a distance from your clitoris. You can adjust your sucker’s angle and distance until it fits perfectly with you.



After you’ve established the correct distance and angle, adjust the air pressure. The majority of clit-suckers have several air pressure options. They produce different levels of sonic pulses depending on how you adjust the suction. Adjust the air pressure to find the right pressure. Pay attention to what your body is telling you and then choose the setting that suits you best.

Move your air pressure up or down until you achieve the perfect pressure.



Many of the most advanced sex toys such as Bird’s Obii are equipped with both vibrations and suction. They can be used as direct or indirect stimulation. This is similar to traditional vibrators andclit suction vibrators. You can alternate between both settings to achieve the best rhythm. A majority of clit-owning men like to use a combination of both to create the perfect orgasm.



Your body is the most important thing when you use clitoral toys or any sex toys. If the toy makes you feel uncomfortable, you can stop using it. These products are designed to make your feel good. If the products are making you uncomfortable or hurt, decrease the pressure. Stop using them. Listen to your body. Use lubricant.

These clitoral suckers have indirect stimulation and don’t even touch the clitoris. There is little risk of discomfort, pain or irritation. You should also ensure you only purchase safe silicone clitoral toys. Any feeling of discomfort, please slow down or stop immediately.



Continue to experiment with the angles, pressure modes, settings, and other features of your toy until it finds the perfect rhythm. Once you’ve found your perfect setting, continue riding the waves. Some users have the ability to go crazy in a matter of minutes, while others might stay there for several hours. Others may try edging. That is, they take themselves to the edge, then pull back enough so that they can delay gratification. Continue to play with the toys until you reach a climax.



After you’ve finished your round, you can relax and go for another round. Alternatively, you can wash the clitoral sucker in water and use a soapy liquid or water-based cleaning agent. After drying it off, put it aside… until next year.