Do Not Take Gas Leaks Lightly and Call for Professional ASAP

Incidents like gas leaks should never be ignored. The gas cannot just cause breathing trouble for people living in the house, but can also quickly convert into major accidents and fire. To avoid a significant amount of damage, we should always call a professional to rectify the leakage at the first signs.

Defective or faulty pipelines, poor ventilation, and improperly fitted or old appliances are often responsible for major gas leaks in the house. Gas-related accidents can be prevented if we inspect the gas pipelines and appliances regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Even if a gas leak has begun to happen, major accidents can be prevented if we learn to identify the signs and take immediate action.

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Common signs of indoor gas leaks

  • The very first sign that comes to notice is the smell of gas or rotten egg smell around the appliances.
  • Any unusual hissing type of sound near the gas pipelines can also indicate gas leaks.
  • You can notice signs of poisoning due to gas leaks in plants and pets before it starts to affect humans.
  • Plants start to die and animals behave lethargically with no appetite. They can also vomit and have some issues with breathing.
  • In humans, gas poisoning can cause dizzy spells and respiratory issues that subside when you go out in fresh air.
  • For underground gas leaks, the most common sign is dead patches of plants and grass along with dry spots in an otherwise moist area.
  • An underground gas leak is often detected when it’s raining outside as it will create bubbles to appear on the ground surface.

Emergency actions to take if a gas leak is suspected

As soon as you detect a gas leak in your house, you should act promptly and perform the following actions before calling for professional help:

  1. Turn off the gas main supply switch.
  2. Switch off all appliances, electronic switches, and lights in the house.
  3. Any naked flames such as a candle should be immediately blown off.
  4. Open all doors and windows for enhanced ventilation.
  5. Do not rely on electrical fans for ventilation as they can ignite.
  6. Do not smoke cigarettes indoors.
  7. Vacate the house and call for help.

Any licensed gas plumber should be able to promptly respond to your gas leak complaint and provide you with emergency services to fix the leak. Later, they will identify the cause of the leak and replace any damaged pipelines or old appliances. This will ensure that your family and your home environment are protected from any future dangers from a gas leak.